Hexagon Brass Cufflinks – Satin Finish – Fixed Back


These hexagon brass cufflinks feature a solid fixed back and a satin finish, giving them a subtle elegance without being too blinding. Perfect for the modest individual. A classic accessory for weddings and fancy affairs, these cufflinks would make a great gift for yourself or an important person in your life. Handmade and crafted with solid brass, these cufflinks are a statement for simplicity and sophistication. Hexagon cufflinks have a unique aesthetic flair with their geometric design, you often won’t catch another individual with these types of cufflinks at the same event.

Meant to be worn with french cuff dress shirts — or double cuff shirts — you can also purchase cuff adapters to wear these with literally any dress shirt.

Top plate meant to be visible measures 16mm x 16mm x 2.5mm, with the total length of the piece measuring 11mm.

For cufflinks with hand engraved initials, check out this page.

**PS. Solid brass tarnishes over time, giving it a more vintage appearance that some appreciate while others may dislike. They can be re-polished to bring back its original shine, or the option to add a ProtectaClear protective coating is available that prevents them from tarnish, oxidation, and fingerprints.**

A clear, protective coating that is nearly invisible helps to protect high-use metal surfaces from tarnish, oxidation, and fingerprints for years to come.

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Handmade in Costa Mesa, California.


16mm x 16mm x 2.5mm




Solid Brass


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