Ring Sizer — Reusable


Use this small, adjustable ring sizer to easily find out your ring size. Best of all, it’s reusable. Comes with free shipping when ordered alone.

How It Works:

Use this finger sizer just like a belt. Simply slip the flat end of the band through the buckle end to form a loop, with the numbers showing on the outside. Slip your desired finger through the loop and fasten the band snug (comfortable but not loose). Also make sure that the band can pass back over the knuckle (as the knuckle is the largest part of your finger). When you’ve reached the best fit for you, read the number the arrow is pointing to for your ring size. Arrows not on an exact number should be sized accordingly (e.g. in between a 7 and 8 should be a 7.5)



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Weight1 oz